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KeaCash FAQ

Q.  I've installed KeaCash but when run it immediately comes up with a Windows exception error. What causes this?

A.  This usually occurs when the MS Access database engine (Jet) is not already installed on the workstation or is the wrong version. KeaCash uses the MS Access 2000 database engine. Download the latest version of the Microsoft Database Access Components (MDAC) from the Microsoft website.

Q.  I want to email my invoices to my customers but there doesn't appear to be an option anywhere to do this. Is this possible in KeaCash?

A.  KeaCash includes the ability to export any of the reports direct to other applications or to a disk file in a number of formats including Word, Excel, RTF, PDF etc. These files can then be emailed to your customers in the usual manner.

Q. The invoice layout is not exactly the way I want it. Can I customize it? e.g I want to add a column or hide a column in the invoice detail.

A. The reports in KeaCash use the Crystal Reports engine. If you own or have access to a copy of Crystal Reports version 8 or greater you can customise the invoice yourself.

Alternatively, we can provide customised versions of the invoice to suite your requirements
and we can provide a quotation for this service on application.