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Pelican On-Billing System

Pelican Fuelcard On-Billing System

KeaSoftware Consulting Ltd is pleased to announce the release of the Pelican Fuelcard On-Billing system.

What is it?

The result of 15 years experience developing custom billing software for the major fuel card companies, Pelican is a highly automated invoicing and accounting system for on-charging fuel card transactions to individual customers or departments.

How does it work?

Pelican reads the bulk monthly transaction files provided by the major fuel card providers and allocates the transactions to the individual cardholder customers set up in Pelican.

Based upon configurable charge rates for each product type and customer group, it then generates an invoice for each customer which can be printed or bulk emailed from within the application.

For direct debit customers, Pelican produces an electronic payment file compatible with most major banks to direct debit the customer payments and generates corresponding payment transactions against each customer. It also allows entry and tracking of cash payments, credits and direct debit dishonours.

Flexible reporting provides extensive financial and listing reports to track costs, sales analysis and customer activity.


  • Highly automated invoice generation and direct debit payment processing

  • Designed from the ground up for high performance processing of tens of thousands of transactions and thousands of customers per month

  • Configurable emailing of invoices as PDFs from within Pelican using it’s own built in emailing engine

  • Flexible setup and grouping of customers according to charge rates and discounts

  • Flexible discount and charge rate overrides by product type and customer grouping

  • Configurable per customer for automated generation and tracking of additional monthly or annual account charges.

  • Configurable per customer to automatically provide detailed card holder reports per card along with the customer’s invoice each month

  • Allows manual editing of generated invoices for corrections or additional one-off charges

  • Tracking and reporting of customer balances for debt collection

  • Easy viewing, re-printing and emailing of individual customer invoices directly from within the customer maintenance screens

  • Period Summary and other financial reports give concise overview of monthly costs and sales analysis including product level and customer level breakdowns.

  • Flexible customer and fuel card listings provide the ability to easily filter and extract customer details for printing or export to electronic formats including PDF, Excel, CSV etc

  • Microsoft SQL Server database backend for highly scalable use on either a single stand-alone workstation or multiple workstations using a networked SQL Server

  • Optional and configurable user security levels using integrated windows security

  • Imports ShellCard format files. Versions for the other major fuel card providers available on request




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